Vote for Tina Bury
Hello I'm Tina Bury


Thanks for visiting my website. If you haven’t read my manifesto yet, I recommend you do that first as it’ll give you an insight into me and my personal values. This website will give you details on my policies and priorities.

In the past I’ve felt under-represented, frustrated by and disengaged from politics. By standing for election, I aim to give people like me a voice in the States. Tina Bury

My Priorities

If elected I will consistently ask myself these questions when making a decision on your behalf:

  • Will this improve the economic, physical or mental wellbeing of those who need it most?
  • Will this reduce our impact on the environment?
  • Have I seen concrete evidence to justify this?

I will work to implement our long-overdue equality laws; protect and support the most disadvantaged members of our community; deliver our chosen secondary education model swiftly, with the welfare and education of our children as the top priorities; and make healthcare more affordable for all.

I’m passionate about equality, inclusivity and seeing Guernsey led by a representative government.