Vote for Tina Bury

My proposer & seconder

I want to briefly tell you why I chose my proposer and seconder, because they were careful choices not a couple of random strangers. I felt they needed to represent the values I admire and respect.

Proposer - Louise Smith

Louise is not only a long-standing friend, she’s a mega athlete, loving mum, entrepreneurial charity founder and all-round super-woman. I have huge respect for her kindness, strength, humility and generosity. Louise is reliable and no-nonsense, she’s never judgmental but she’ll tell you how it is when you need her to.

Tina Bury proposer Louise Smith
“I’ve known Tina for a number of years, she is one of life’s grafters. She is a great mum, businesswoman, has helped with numerous charities, loves dogs and sport. As an individual Tina is determined, dedicated and will try her utmost to do the best she can. She is reliable, honest and will look to find the best way forward in a situation. She is passionate about seeking equality for all and empowering those that need it. Tina would make an excellent Deputy, she will see all sides to a situation but also stand firm to her convictions. She would bring about positive change.” Louise Smith

Tina Bury seconder Tyler Edmonds

Seconder – Tyler Edmonds

Tyler owns and runs School of Popular Music and is an accomplished musician himself. I admire Tyler’s drive, strong and resolute opinions and work ethic. He’s built his business, in a short amount of years, into a great success. He also does some great work in the community, he’s a foster parent with his wife and he runs programmes to bring music to those who may not be able to access it otherwise.

Tina will make an outstanding Deputy! In the business world she is concise, resolute and a force to be reckoned with and on a personal level she is empathetic and caring. I have known Tina for almost ten years and, being my wife’s best friend, she has saved me on many occasions from forgetting important dates (total disaster). She is organised and formulated, always switched on and ready for an intellectual conversation. Tina has solid values and will fight your corner for equality and diversity, and she isn’t afraid to stand up and represent those who most need it. Tyler Edmonds