Vote for Tina Bury
Guersey Partership of Independents

The Guernsey Partnership doesn’t actually present a brand-new way of doing things, but is a group of talented individuals who publicly pledge to act in the way our government should be acting.

If you are unsure about my membership of the Guernsey Partnership and believe I will be whipped into any sort of block voting or that I’m a follower, I only wish I could introduce you to any one of my friends or family, who would laugh at the thought of me being told what to think or do!

Now, more than ever, Guernsey needs effective government. New times demand new ideas.

People are frustrated by a lack of progress on vital issues. But our recent experience has shown government can be so much more decisive and effective when people are willing to work together.

While remaining independent in our views, all candidates in the Guernsey Partnership are committed to:

  • Decisive, effective and efficient government
  • Leading the island to a rapid recovery by investment in Revive and Thrive
  • The wellbeing of all islanders
  • Protecting and enhancing our unique environment

As you will have seen on the previous pages, my values naturally align with those of the Guernsey Partnership.